What To Expect From A Veterinary Internship

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If you love science and the idea of helping animals is attractive to you, veterinary medicine is an ideal career. The path to becoming a vet can be long and challenging, but it's well worth it. Internships aren't required, but they can greatly help prospective veterinarians. Here are four things you can expect from your veterinary internship:

1. Your internship will last one year.

Veterinary internships typically last one calendar year. This is enough time for you to learn many things from your internship. You'll get to experience the routine of working in a veterinary office, and you will have the opportunity to assist many different types of animals. After your internship ends, you'll be able to confidently seek work as a veterinary resident.

2. Your internship will be paid.

Many people don't have the financial luxury of being able to accept unpaid internships. Fortunately, veterinary internships are paid positions. You won't make as much money as an intern as you would working as a vet, but you should be paid enough to live frugally. Veterinary interns earn $26,572, on average, according to the Association of American Veterinary Medicine Colleges.

3. Your internship is meant to help you grow.

While you'll be assisting the veterinary practice where you work, the primary purpose of your internship is to teach you the skills you'll need to be more effective in the field. Remember that this is a learning environment and feel free to ask your coworkers and bosses any questions you may have. By asking questions, you can fill in gaps in your knowledge. Get curious; ask your coworkers why they do things a certain way. The answers may surprise you and teach you a thing or two.

4. Your internship can help you get a job.

When looking for a job as a new veterinarian, you'll want to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Participating in an internship will look great on your resume. It tells prospective employers that you've had real experience and that you'll be a valuable addition to their team.

If you're studying to become a vet, you'll want to be on the lookout for veterinary internship opportunities. An internship will give you the chance to test your skills in real life environments. You'll be able to learn from veterinarians who are more experienced than yourself too. The right internship can help you get your career started on the right foot.


6 November 2019

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