Does Your Maine Coon Breeder Prefer American Or European Bloodlines?

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Maine Coons are famous for being dog-like cats. That means they're affectionate and amicable in a way their stereotypical counterparts aren't. Given this, it isn't hard to see why Maine Coons are so popular in the United States and beyond. However, you should know if a Maine Coon breeder prefers American or European bloodlines before you start looking at their Maine Coon kittens.

Aren't All Maine Coons American?

Some people might be confused by this point. They might assume that all Maine Coons count as American Maine Coons by belonging to an American cat breed. There is some truth to this. It isn't 100 percent clear when the ancestors of these cats made it to what would become the United States. Regardless, there is no doubt that Maine Coons are an American cat breed. They're considered a landrace, meaning they came into existence through gradual adaptation to the environment of what would become the Northeastern United States.

The Spruce Pets claims that Maine Coons existed as far back as the 19th century. For context, the first cat registries didn't form until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. This means that Maine Coon breeders have had more than enough time to take these cats in different directions in different countries, thus resulting in American and European bloodlines.

What Are the Differences Between American and European Maine Coons?

American Maine Coons tend to be closer to the cat breed's original look, while European Maine Coons have more exaggerated versions of the cat breed's most iconic characteristics. For example, the latter cats have larger, more square-shaped muzzles. Similarly, the latter cats have taller ears and bushier tails. Otherwise, these cats are much the same because they're still members of the same cat breed as described by the Cat Fanciers' Association and other cat registries' brand standards.

Plenty of people in the United States find European Maine Coons more majestic-looking. They have long since imported these cats back to the United States for breeding. If you've ever wondered what a Maine Coon breeder means when they talk about American and European bloodlines, you should know they're talking about the look of their Maine Coon kittens. These terms say nothing about the cats' health. This is particularly true because American and European Maine Coons are catch-all terms that cover enormous variation. Instead, you should scrutinize a Maine Coon breeder's practices if you're concerned about health and temperament. Whether a cat is an American or a European Maine Coon only matters if you have a specific look in mind for your future cat.

Further Considerations

Getting a cat is a huge step. You should always thoroughly research your options before proceeding any further. A Maine Coon breeder can give Maine Coon kittens the best start to life, thus preventing a host of potential complications.

Talk to a local breeder to learn more about Maine Coon kittens.


29 June 2023

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