Use The Separate Compartments In A Large Dog Waste Pouch To Carry These Things

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When you're looking at products that you can carry when you walk your dog, a device that allows you to carry a roll of dog waste bags is probably near the top of your list. Every responsible dog owner wants to carry bags, but the type of device that you for this job is important to evaluate. Some waste bag containers are small, and while their compact size may be appealing, it can also have its drawbacks. Another option is a larger pouch that has separate compartments inside of it. You can use these compartments to carry the following things.

New Dog Waste Bags

The best part of a larger pouch with separate compartments is that you can designate each compartment to hold different things. Of course, you'll want to use one compartment to carry your new dog waste bags. Whether you place the entire roll of bags in this compartment, or you simply rip a handful of bags off the roll to carry with you, you'll appreciate having easy access to the bags when nature calls for your dog.

Used Dog Waste Bags

Dog owners often face a predicament when they grab a bag to collect their dog's fresh waste. Typically, you'll gather the waste, tie the bag, and begin to look for a nearby garbage bin in which to dispose of the bag. However, if you're walking the dog in a remote area such as a trail, garbage bins may not be present — or you may have to walk a considerable distance to find one. No one likes carrying a bag of dog waste in their hand as they walk, but choosing a large dog pouch with separate compartments can fix this issue for you. You can simply place the bag of waste into its own compartment and carry it in this manner until you find a garbage bin.

Other Products

If your portable dog waste pouch is large enough to accommodate three separate compartments, you'll be able to use the third compartment to carry other items. For example, you might use it for a bottle of hand sanitizer or some hand wipes, each of which you can use after collecting the dog's waste. You may also want to carry personal effects such as your house key. This can be handy if you're wearing a skirt without pockets while you walk your dog and don't want to carry your key in your hand.


17 January 2020

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