Cockapoo Puppies: What Breeder Should You Trust?

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A cockapoo is a type of dog that is not an actual breed per se, but is a special novelty breed of dog that is comprised of two recognized breeds: the cocker spaniel and the poodle. This makes for a cute and unique looking creature that can make a great family pet, but there are many people who may be seeking the same type of dog. This means there are more breeders out there attempting to keep up with the market and provide pet owners with a quality dog they can appreciate.

Should you get a cockapoo? This type of dog, when purchased from the right breeder, can be a great and healthy pet that will socialize well with your family. Finding the right breeder is key to having an excellent dog. Here are things you should look for in a dog breeder when it comes to seeking a cockapoo for your home.

Years of experience in the breed

Since a cockapoo is made of two different types of dog, you'll want to get a breeder who understands both the cocker spaniel and what makes the dog healthy and the same components regarding the poodle — both standard and miniature. Cocker spaniels and poodles alike each can have very healthy backgrounds, but both dog breeds as well can have issues with their eyes or skin. A breeder who understands both breeds will be able to help ensure that the healthiest bloodlines are passed on for a vital puppy to come.

Care for the work they do

A breeder doesn't just raise puppies for selling, they should care about what they do and make sure their dogs are socialized and loved. Since a cockapoo can be a smaller dog in nature, it can also be more skittish, particularly around children or larger dogs, and should be given lots of care and attention to ensure they go to their new home without issue. Your cockapoo breeder should raise the baby cockapoos they have in a wide open area where the pups get handled on the regular and the parents are given lots of attention as well.

A well-mannered, happy cockatoo puppy is often one that comes from parents who were well-bred. When you do your part to pick a great breeder to trust, you also do your part to ensure your cockapoo puppy is happy and healthy overall. Cockapoo puppies for sale can be great dogs to enjoy for years to come.


21 January 2020

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