Why You Should Pay Extra For A Second Walk For Your Dog

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Choosing a dog boarding service that will includes a daily walk for your pet as part of its daily rate is important for the dog's comfort and happiness during its stay. Whether the service walks animals individually or in a group, you'll appreciate knowing that your pet is getting some exercise. Most pet boarding services have upgrade options for clients to consider, and one of these options can be a second daily walk — for a small, additional fee. Here are some reasons that it's worthwhile to pay extra to ensure that your dog gets a second walk each day.

Extra Stimulation

Dogs like going on walks because of the stimulation that it provides. While your dog will get to enjoy this stimulation during its daily walk, paying to have a second walk added to the schedule will give your pet even more stimulation. There are plenty of things that will excite dogs while they walk. For example, smelling new areas along the route can be interesting for them, as can meeting other people and pets. A dog spends a lot of its day resting, so having two outings can be good for the animal.

More Exercise

Any conscientious pet owner wants to ensure that his or her pet remains at a healthy weight. One of the best ways to keep a dog from gaining weight is to give it regular exercise, which is something that you might do when your dog is home with you. Frequent exercise is good for more than just weight control. It's also important for keeping the dog's joints mobile, which is especially valuable as the animal ages. When you opt for two walks a day, you're doubling all of these benefits for your pet.

Digestive Help

While some dogs can easily go the bathroom simply upon being let outside, others have more ease with bodily functions when they've been walking for a while. It's easy for an animal to develop some degree of constipation while in a new environment and while getting used to a new routine — much in the same way as humans can face this issue. You don't want your dog to feel bloated or perhaps experience constipation-related abdominal discomfort. If you are aware that your dog's digestive system is at its most regular when the animal is getting two walks a day, paying a little extra for the additional time outside will be worthwhile.


22 January 2020

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