Why Is Your Dog Is Not Feeling Well? 3 Possible Reasons

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Your dog always comes to you after a long day to make you smile or laugh, or just to give you a little bit of love. When he doesn't come to you and isn't acting normally, it's most likely because he isn't feeling well. If your dog isn't feeling well, he may be lethargic or hiding, or he may be throwing up or having diarrhea. Sometimes your dog may not be feeling well and the symptoms aren't quite as noticeable. If your dog is not feeling well, read on for a few reasons why this may be the case.

1. You've Changed His Food

If you've made changes to your dog's food or his treats lately, it could be the reason why your dog isn't feeling well. You should incorporate new food to your dog by mixing it with the old food for at least a few feedings, then taper off the old food and add more of the new food to your dog's bowl. If you do this and your dog still is not feeling well, your dog could have an allergy to the new food. Taking him to the animal hospital or your veterinarian to be tested is the best idea. In the meantime, continue to give your dog the old food for now.

2. He's Gotten Into Something He Shouldn't Have

If your dog has gotten into something that is toxic or bad for him, it could be making him not feel well. Things such as toxic plants, cleaners, antifreeze, kitty litter, shoes and other things your dog has eaten or gotten himself into could cause him to not feel well. Keep an eye on your dog and look through his vomit and diarrhea to see what he may have gotten into if you aren't sure. If it is something toxic or something you aren't sure could be potentially harmful to your dog, take the evidence of what he has eaten to the animal hospital along with your dog to be checked.

3. Your Dog Was Injured

If your dog was injured and you weren't aware of it, it could be an internal injury or something else causing your dog to not feel well. If your dog was left outside and scuffled with another animal in your yard without you seeing it, your dog could be feeling ill because of it. If your dog got out of the yard and injured while out, it could be the reason why your dog isn't feeling like himself. If you notice your dog not acting like himself, he could have an injury you aren't able to see. Take your dog to the animal care hospital for a checkup and treatment.

If your dog isn't feeling well and you aren't sure what is going on or what has happened, take your dog to the veterinarian or animal hospital to help him feel better. He's relying on you, so keep an eye on your dog and get him the help he needs.


23 January 2020

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