3 Great Tropical Fish For Your First Saltwater Fish Tank


People like to go snorkeling and scuba diving in tropical waters not just because the water is warm but also because the fish are beautiful. There is no denying that tropical fish are beautiful, which is why starting a saltwater fish tank makes a lot of sense. Once you build your saltwater aquarium, you are going to need to fill that space up with fish. Here are a few great fish to start your saltwater aquarium off with.

Tropical Fish #1: Clownfish

One of the easiest fish to start your tank out with are clownfish, also known by their more formal name, anemonefish. These fish are smaller saltwater fish and are relatively easy to take care of. Traditional clownfish are orange, white and black; they really stand out. You can also find captive-bred clownfish that come in more interesting color combinations.

Clownfish also have fins that really flow and dance around, making them always look like they are moving around gracefully. This is another reason why these are a great fish to add to your tank.

Tropical Fish #2: Dwarf Angelfish

Angelfish can grow to be large; however, dwarf angelfish are the perfect size for most saltwater aquariums. These fish are beautiful. They have a primary color, as well as beautiful striped patterns in the middle of their body and around the outer edge of their fins. They come in shades such as a vibrant blue, yellow, and orange.

Angelfish are a little territorial, and usually only like to share their space with angelfish that are the same species as them. Figure out what species and color of dwarf angelfish that you like, and stick to that one type of angelfish.

Tropical Fish #3: Cardinal Fish

Cardinal fish have a unique look to them. They have two fins on the top of their bodies, a big tail that looks like two fins due to the connecting material being almost see-through, and four little fins on the bottom. They also have large vertical stripes on their body, most likely so they can blend in with the vegetation.

The most interesting thing about cardinalfish is that they are mouthbreeders. Mouthbreeders are fish that carry their eggs in their mouth until they hatch, instead of laying their eggs somewhere and leaving them to hatch. Additionally, cardinal fish are more active at night, which can help ensure that you always have fish swimming around your aquarium.

If you are building a tropical fish tank, start your fish tank out with clownfish, dwarf angelfish, and cardinal fish — three strikingly different looks and behavior to get your start on building a tropical oasis in your home. Contact a company that offers saltwater fish for sale to learn more.


27 February 2020

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