5 Things You Need To Have Before Bringing A New Puppy Home

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If you've never shared your home and life with a puppy before, you probably have lots of questions about how to prepare for the arrival of your new furry friend. You probably already know that it's important to purchase a food and water bowl and bedding, but you may be overlooking other important items that are essential for welcoming a puppy into a new home. Following, are five things that you should have in place before the big day so you're as prepared as possible for life with a puppy.

Contact Info for a Local Veterinarian

Speaking with a local veterinarian prior to bringing your puppy home helps ensure that you'll be able to get assistance quickly if your puppy becomes injured or ill. Your puppy should also have an introductory visit with the vet as soon as possible. 

ID Tags

Most people don't get ID tags until they've had their new puppy for at least a little while. In a way, this makes sense, especially if they've decided to wait until they are more familiar with the puppy's personality before choosing a name. However, an ID tag with your name, phone number, and address will identify your puppy in the event that it slips away and becomes lost in your neighborhood, so don't wait until you've decided on a name. 

A Crate

Although many people believe that puppies and dogs naturally dislike crates, the opposite is actually true. Crates are enclosed safe spaces much like the dens that their wolf ancestors used. Crates have the added benefit of keeping your puppy contained at night so everyone can sleep better. 

Chew Toys

Those who have never raised a puppy before often make the mistake of trying to teach it not to chew. However, chewing is a natural instinct for puppies, and trying to train it out of them may cause anxiety and lead to behavior problems. Buy a good supply of chew toys instead, and train the puppy to chew on them rather than on your shoes, the legs of your furniture, or other inappropriate items. 

A Large Supply of Food and Treats

Many first-time puppy owners pick up a few days worth of supplies before bringing their new furry friend home, but they often only get a couple of days or a week's worth. Stocking up on food and other supplies that puppies need helps ensure that you don't find yourself running short at inconvenient times. After you become familiar with how long it takes your furry friend to finish a bag of puppy food, you'll be able to mentally schedule purchases.

If you're ready to welcome a new family member into your life, consider looking into breeders that offer puppies for sale.


27 May 2020

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