Interested In Getting A Cat? Questions You May Have About Teacup Persians

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There are lots of benefits that come from owning cats. You'll have companionship and reduce your stress levels. Cats are low-maintenance pets and have a small carbon footprint compared to other pets. One study even found that young children who grew up with a cat were less likely to develop allergies down the road.

If you aren't sure which breed you'd like to get, you may want to look at teacup Persian kittens for sale. Read on to learn a little more about this breed and whether your household would be a good fit.

What's the Difference Between Standard Persians and Teacup Breeds?

Teacup Persians are the same breed as standard Persian cats but they have been bred to be as little as possible when they are full-grown. Teacup cats have undersized parents, which gives them their small size. There are actually many breeds that can have teacup sizes, not just Persians. Teacup Persians are different from cats with chondrodysplastic dwarfism, which is a genetic disorder that causes shortened legs.

Who Would Be a Good Candidate to Own a Teacup Persian?

Teacup Persians are great for many types of families and homes because they have a gentle, docile temperament and do well indoors. However, they can be nervous around other people and animals, so they aren't always great for loud neighborhoods or for families with lots of other pets. Teacup Persians are very quiet and don't require a lot of attention if you are at work or school most of the day; however, they do enjoy play time and can be quite affectionate if you want more interaction with your pet.

What Health Issues Should You Be Aware of with Teacup Persians?

Every cat breed comes with its own health issues due to hereditary predisposition. When your cat gets his or her shots, the veterinarian provide more educational resources for possible issues your cat could face. For example, teacup Persians have a brachycephalic build, which causes flat faces and a short nose. Brachycephalic breeds may be more prone to respiratory problems and eye problems because of their anatomy.

However, you can prevent some health issues with proper grooming and maintenance. For instance, Persians need to be brushed once a day and have their eyes wiped cleaned with a damp cloth (no soap) so that their eyes stay healthy. A little love and care goes a long way to keep your cat happy and healthy.

Contact a pet seller in your area to learn more about this breed and whether or not it would be a good fit for you and your family.


25 June 2020

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