4 Reasons German Shepherds Great Pets

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German shepherd dogs are popular across America, and although they are bred to be working dogs with excellent herding and guarding skills, their devotion, loyalty and intelligence make them a great choice of pet for a family. Here are four reasons a German shepherd is a great pet:

Easy To Train

German shepherds are an athletic breed and like to be kept bust and mentally stimulated. This makes them eager and willing participants when it comes to obedience and agility training. They are quick to pick up patterns, such as those used in reward-based training classes, and have a natural tendency to want to please their handler. If you're interested in taking part in agility competitions, German shepherds have a long history of excelling in these competitions, and the American Kennel Club can provide performance information for the breed.    

Unique Appearance

There's no mistaking a German shepherd for any other breed. They are attractive dogs with a proud and confident posture and an iconic black and tan coat. Their coat is medium in length, but they are not difficult dogs to groom. They have erect ears, a long muzzle, and an adorable head tilt that make them look curious about the world around them. German shepherds are often admired for their striking appearance when they're out and about.

Desirable Temperament

When a German shepherd joins a family and becomes part of the pack, they are loyal and loving to both adults and children. They are not known for showing aggression to those they live with and can make a playful companion for the children of the family. However, they are a large breed dog, so you should ensure everyone in your family is comfortable with having a large dog in the house before taking one home.

Natural Protectors

German shepherds don't tend to want to form friendships with strangers, which makes them great protectors. They will go into guard mode and assert their dominance by barking and growling if they detect a threat to their territory or anyone they consider part of their pack. This is not to say they exhibit antisocial behavior when out for walks, but they can get uncomfortable when people get too close to those they care about, particularly in their home environment.

If you're considering getting a German shepherd, you may want to opt for a puppy. This will allow you full control over their training and there will be no undesirable habits from previous training for you to break. Puppies are also quick to bond with their new family and will accept their place as one of the pack rather than trying to establish themselves as the leader of their new pack. German shepherds are great pets, but to ensure you're not purchasing a puppy with any problems, check the credentials of your chosen breeder and ask for information about the puppy's lineage. Find German Shepherd puppies for sale in your area today. 


14 July 2020

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