2 Things To Have Ready Before You Bring Home Your New Kitten

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If you have gotten the kitten you have always wanted and you are just waiting to bring them home, make sure that you have everything they need ready to go. That way your new kitten will hopefully have an easier time adjusting to their new home. So, what are some things that you should have ready for your new pet?

A Quiet Room

One thing that you should have ready is a room that has a shuttable door. You can put your kitten in that room for a day or two so that they can get used to being in a new place. This is especially true if you have a busy household or have other pets. You don't want to just let the kitten walk into your already established household at a time when they are already nervous. A quiet room can be the kitten's refuge and you can slowly introduce other members of the household to your kitten in there. Make sure that you have places for the kitten to hide in so that they feel more secure. 

Litter Box

You are going to need to have a place for your kitten to use the bathroom, which means a litter box. If you have more than one cat, the recommendation is that you have one litter box per cat. You might want to have a smaller box while your kitten is still small, and then you can move up to a larger box when they get older. You don't want to have something that is going to be hard for the kitten to climb into when they are small, because it will just make it hard for them to use the litter box. If your kitten can't easily get into their litter box, they may start using the bathroom outside of the box. Once they get into that habit, it can be hard to get them out of it. You may also want to put down a mat under the litter box. One reason to do this is that it will keep the litter from getting tracked all over your house. Another reason is that the mat can be easier to clean if your cat has an accident and misses the box. 

Bringing home a new kitten can be really exciting. It can also be really stressful on your kitten. Having things ready before the kitten comes home can make the whole process easier for everyone. To learn more, contact a company that offers cats like ragdoll kittens.


14 July 2021

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