4 Things To Know About Your New Ball Python

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The moment you found a place that offers ball pythons for sale, you knew without a doubt that you wanted to adopt one as a pet. However, these animals deserve the same level of care and attention as other pets. If you want to keep your new friend healthy and happy, take the following four points to heart.

1. Ball Pythons Require Commitment

Ball pythons can grow up to six feet in length and live for 30 years or more when given the proper care. When you adopt a ball python, you need to recognize the long-term commitment your pet requires from you. If you honestly don't want to live with a giant snake for decades, consider re-homing it with someone who does.

2. Ball Pythons Eat Rodents

Different reptiles subsist on a wide range of prey. Ball pythons kept as pets generally consume rodents as their main food source. Although these snakes catch and eat live rodents in the wild, you'll find it easier to serve your ball python pre-killed and/or frozen (but thawed) rats and mice. Fortunately, they don't require daily feedings.

3. Ball Pythons Need the Right Environment

Like any pet, ball pythons need a suitable environment for their health and comfort. Go ahead and invest in a 40-gallon breeder tank, the recommended size for a typical adult. Equip the tank with radiant heating, relatively high humidity levels, and UV lighting. Shredded paper or wood shavings can serve as your pet's bedding.

3. Ball Pythons Can Develop Health Issues

Just as you'd want to know if your dog or cat got sick, you should watch for any signs of illness or injury in your ball python. Potential health problems include a virus called inclusion body disease, thermal burns from the radiant heater, respiratory infections, shedding problems, and bites from live prey.

Keep a lookout for symptoms such as skin changes, lethargy, labored breathing, mucous discharges, and loss of interest in food. If your ball python displays any of these trouble signs, take it to a reputable veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets.

4. Ball Pythons Benefit From Wellness Exams

Health problems in ball pythons don't always leap out at owners. Schedule periodic wellness exams so your veterinarian can make sure your pet carries the right weight for its age and doesn't harbor any hidden diseases or disorders. Use these opportunities to ask questions and obtain new snake ownership insights.

You and your ball python can enjoy a long and happy life together as long you continue to provide the proper care for it. Have fun with your new friend!

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29 June 2022

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