Getting Your First Dog? 2 Tips to Become a Great Parent for Them

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If you are getting your first dog, you need to take steps to ensure you become a great parent to them. This will ensure you and your dog will have a much better relationship and your dog will be well behaved in your home. Below are two tips to get you started so you can buy or rescue your dog and start your life together. 

Pet Care Training

If this is your first dog, you may not be experienced enough to know how to take proper care of a pet. One thing that can help with this is pet care training. Some training programs also provide you with a certificate when you finish the training class or classes. 

You are taught about pet behaviors and pet psychology in pet care training courses. This is beneficial because your dog may be showing behaviors in the beginning you did not expect. This may be being too hyper, barking too much inside your home, getting into the trash, chewing on items, and much more. This way you know the behaviors that need to be changed. These classes will teach you how to train your dog to behave properly. 

The training program may teach you games you can play with your dog to keep it healthy and have fun. They may teach you about pet hygiene, such as how to bathe, groom, clean their ears, clean their teeth, etc. The training program may teach you about your certain breed of dog, as well as how to communicate well with your pet. 

Get Your Home Ready

Another thing you should do is get your home ready for your new pet. This is especially true if you are getting a puppy. Purchase a comfy bed for them to sleep on or to relax on during the day. If you do not mind that they get on a couch or chair, provide them with a blanket to sit on. You may want to designate a quiet area for your dog if you are getting a rescue or an adult dog. This will give them a place to go when they need to destress, or they may feel scared for a few days and need time to be alone. Purchase a crate for your puppy or dog to keep them in at night.  

If you are getting a puppy, there are things you can do to keep it safe. Remove electrical cords they could easily chew on. Remove items from low tables as your puppy may jump up there and break something. Keep your toilet lid closed as your dog will drink from there if they are thirsty enough.

Put away all small items the dog could choke on and secure lids on trash cans. The pet care training class may teach you how to get your home ready. 

Besides these two things, take your puppy or dog to the veterinarian soon after you get it. Also, make sure they get enough exercise and are socialized.


21 September 2022

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