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2 Things To Have Ready Before You Bring Home Your New Kitten

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If you have gotten the kitten you have always wanted and you are just waiting to bring them home, make sure that you have everything they need ready to go. That way your new kitten will hopefully have an easier time adjusting to their new home. So, what are some things that you should have ready for your new pet? A Quiet Room One thing that you should have ready is a room that has a shuttable door.

14 July 2021

Things Dog Groomers Do

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Some dog owners tend to their dog's bathing and grooming needs themselves. However, whether you have a new dog or you would like to hand over your dog's grooming needs to someone else because you no longer want to tend to them, you'll want to know what all a dog groomer can do. This way, you can determine how many of your dog's needs you can have the groomer help you with.

17 March 2021

Choosing Plants To Grow In Your Plastic Terrarium

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Terrariums for your reptiles and other small pets may be made of either plastic or glass. Plastic terrariums have several advantages, such as being more shatter resistant than glass. Planting your terrarium can be fun, but keep in mind that some plants will grow better in the warm, enclosed conditions than others, and several other considerations apply as well. Here are some tips for choosing plants to grow in your plastic terrarium.

24 November 2020

What To Do If Your Cat Is Wobbling And Falling Over

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Cats are typically regarded as graceful and lithe creatures, so it's confusing or even amusing to see a kitty stumble once in a while. But if your cat is noticeably wobbly and even falling over while doing normal things like walking or grooming itself, then your kitty may have a problem that needs medical attention. Here's what you should know. What's Likely Behind It Typically, wobbling and falling over in cats is due to a neurological condition.

26 August 2020

Four Foods That Are Toxic for Your Dog

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When you're a dog owner, it's not unusual to have your dog begging for a bite of your food. While your dog may be able to wear down your willpower, there are plenty of reasons to avoid giving in and feeding your dog what you're eating. What's safe for human consumption may lead to dire health complications for a furry companion. 1. Garlic Garlic is a popular anti-flea supplement some dog owners give to their pet, so it may be surprising to see it listed as potentially harmful.

31 July 2020

4 Reasons German Shepherds Great Pets

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German shepherd dogs are popular across America, and although they are bred to be working dogs with excellent herding and guarding skills, their devotion, loyalty and intelligence make them a great choice of pet for a family. Here are four reasons a German shepherd is a great pet: Easy To Train German shepherds are an athletic breed and like to be kept bust and mentally stimulated. This makes them eager and willing participants when it comes to obedience and agility training.

14 July 2020

Interested In Getting A Cat? Questions You May Have About Teacup Persians

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There are lots of benefits that come from owning cats. You'll have companionship and reduce your stress levels. Cats are low-maintenance pets and have a small carbon footprint compared to other pets. One study even found that young children who grew up with a cat were less likely to develop allergies down the road. If you aren't sure which breed you'd like to get, you may want to look at teacup Persian kittens for sale.

25 June 2020

5 Things You Need To Have Before Bringing A New Puppy Home

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If you've never shared your home and life with a puppy before, you probably have lots of questions about how to prepare for the arrival of your new furry friend. You probably already know that it's important to purchase a food and water bowl and bedding, but you may be overlooking other important items that are essential for welcoming a puppy into a new home. Following, are five things that you should have in place before the big day so you're as prepared as possible for life with a puppy.

27 May 2020

White English Golden Retrievers: A Rare Beauty

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Golden retrievers have been one of the most popular dog breeds for many years. This is likely due to their friendliness, loyalty, and ability to learn quickly. Golden retrievers are also renowned for their beauty. However, few colors of these majestic animals are more beautiful or sought after than the white English golden retriever. Since this breed can be rare in parts of the country, White English Golden Retriever Puppies can be hard to acquire.

15 May 2020

Preventing And Treating Lyme Disease In Dogs

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Lyme disease is spread by deer ticks who carry a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. It's introduced into the bloodstream when a tick feeds on its host, and then the bacteria begin to multiply and cause an infection. Dogs who spend a substantial amount of time outside often acquire Lyme disease — there are numerous opportunities available for ticks to latch onto them and start feeding. Thankfully, however, Lyme disease is rarely serious in dogs.

19 February 2020